Dropbox – File sharing and collaboration in a click!

This post is cross-posted from my contribution to WWW on Technology Integration in Education. Enjoy!


Between my job, school and home, I find myself working on 4 to 5 computers per week.  I also have an iPhone and iPad that I use pretty regularly.  One of my largest frustrations is to get ready to work on a computer and realize that the file I need is saved on a different computer!  When I started using Dropbox, it helped me solve that problem!

Dropbox allows you to save files to a folder and access it from your account on any computer via the Internet.  You can also download it as a folder on your computer that you can save directly to and access from the other computers and/or the Internet.  One of my favorite components is the ability to share a folder with other Dropbox users.  For example, you could share a variety of file types pertaining to a lesson with other teachers in your component.

Dropbox is a great, free way to save your files and have them backed up automatically! You can also send referrals to friends and colleagues.  Then you can gain extra space in your Dropbox when they create their account.  If you have a smart phone (such as iPhone) or other device (such as an iPad), I recommend you taking a look at the apps that will interact with Dropbox!  They also enhance the options and usability of Dropbox!

Please share how you do or plan on using Dropbox for education!

Research with iPad

I am very excited about my discoveries this week!  I am working on my doctorate in Instructional Technology.  With the slew of research, I have been determined to find a way to maximize my iPad so I don’t have to carry my computer(s) with me everywhere I go!  This led me to a great discovery this week!

With the help of Dropbox (free), Noterize ($2.99), and GoodReader ($0.99), I can download my documents anytime/anywhere and save them in Dropbox.  Then I pull them into Noterize to highlight and annotate.  Once I am done, I export back to Dropbox where I keep a copy if I need to print.  Then I move a copy into GoodReader where I can keep my research organized in folders and pull as I need to!

I don’t like to print a lot of extra documents, and I love to read on my iPad!  This is definitely my find of the week/month/year!  We’ll see how far it takes me, but I am excited about the possibilities these apps have together for PDF reading and annotating!

What is your recent find of the week/month/year???