For the love of….education!

The last month has been a time of celebration and love as many celebrated Valentine’s Day and the euphoria surrounding the ideal of love. During the month, I spent a lot of time reflecting…not about how much I love my husband (which I do) but how much I love education!

When I set out for college and my career of choice, I was determined to be a powerful accountant for a large company. After graduating with my BBA and getting a great accounting job, I soon found that I wanted to make a difference rather than make a lot of money for someone else. I knew that I loved kids and cherished my education. After losing my job, I entered a Master’s program in education and the rest is history! In the last 10 years, I have spent many hours/days learning and researching as much as I could about education. While I believe great educators have mastered an art, I do believe there is much science that can be used to benefit the art.

Why do I love education?

1. I LOVE the ability to make a difference in the lives of children!
2. I LOVE the ability to make a difference in the lives of educators!
3. I LOVE working with teachers passionate about teaching children and making them better people.
4. I LOVE sharing things I have learned with others and seeing the light bulb come on and excitement generated!
5. I LOVE engaging in conversations regarding the improvement of our education system and providing a richer learning environment for students.

I am currently at a mobile learning conference that I will blog about soon. I have been surrounded by passionate educators and people that want to make a difference in education. To move past the rhetoric of what why we need to change, perhaps we should first reflect on the reasons we work in education! I hope you will share with me and others regarding the reasons you LOVE education! I hope this will not only serve as an inspiration for your day-to-day passion, I hope it will lead to deeper discussions regarding how we can embrace the students that are entering our schools today and help prepare them for their world!